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Welcome to the Lan.FS Website!

96590 people visited this site since its launch in August 2007.

March 29th 2010

Spanish language file integrated

Special thanks to Alex Pizarro from Bolivia for building a Spanish language file! We integrated his file into the current version of Lan.FS, which is available at the download section, now.

September 29th 2009

Update to version available!

Version 2.4 comes with numerous detail-improvements:

With our best thanks to Elmi1001 for new proposals and for testing this version!

March 14th 2009

Update to version available!

Due to several optimizations we managed to enhance the transfer speed more than twice. Additionally we added some improvements to the Remote Desktop functions, so that the user can adjust the colordepth, with has an effect on the amount of images displayed each second. (low colordepth mean high transfer- rates). Last but not least we fixed some bugs concerning the Autorun-Entrys and Design under Vista.

January 19th 2009

Dutch language file included

Thanks to the help of Paul Elders, C.B.A Beheer Arnhem we integrated a Dutch language file to the current version of Lan.FS.

September 25th 2008

Update to version available!

We fixed a small bug, which generated this error message: "Socket Error # 10054 - Connection reset by peer".

September 17th 2008

Update to version available!

In the new version we corrected a lot of bugs in nealry all parts of the software. The messenger is now compatible with Microsofts Internet Explorer 7, the remote shell function requires less CPU-time, a restart of the Lan.FS Kernel does not create software-exceptions anymore, the file transfer can be canceled and resumed whenever you wish it. The bugs concerning the shutdown of your computer by Lan.FS were fixed, too. So Lan.FS is the most stable version ever built. Special thanks go to Dominic Müller who supported us by detecting new bugs.

June 28th 2008

Update to version available!

In this release of Lan.Fs we only removed some bugs especially in the Filetransfer and File Commander.
We recommend to uninstall older versions of Lan.FS before installing the new one!

May 03th 2008

Update to version available!

Shortly after publishing Lan.FS 2.1 it is now followed by Version 2.2. Several improvements have been made like the multi-language-support and a new task- manager in the admin section. In Lan.FS Version 2.2 you are now able to cancel file transfers, resume them and send messages while transfering. The design has been revised and renewed.
We recommend to uninstall older versions of Lan.FS before installing the new one!

March 08th 2008

Update to version available!

Lan.FS Version 2.1 is now available in the download-section! It comes with several interesting improvements like notification-windows with sound on incoming messages or files, an autorun function and of course the 256 bit AES stream encryption. Along with the password- protected administrative section, Lan.FS has become much saver.
Please uninstall older versions of Lan.FS before installing the new one!

August 19th 2008

Now it begins! New program - new website!

Welcome to our new Website! The new version of Lan.FS is available in the download- section, finally! The software was particulary developed in order to work very stable and more comfortable. Our goal is the slogan "Lan.FS - The Future of Connectivity" for which we fight for. If you have questions or need technical support, please use our new support area on this website. Download and enjoy Lan.FS now.
The Lan.FS Team

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